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Forsyth, Montana
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Ashley Quarter Horses
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Belt, Montana
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"The brand of versatility"
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Ashley Quarter Horses is a family run operation that has been raising versatile performance horses for over 50 years. One ranch is located in Southeastern Montana on Rosebud Creek near Forsyth and the other is in Central Montana south of Belt.
Our main emphasis has always been on a type of horse that has a quiet disposition, a trainable mind, structural soundness, cow sense, and enough quickness and speed to get the job done. All our horses are born and raised in big pastures with rough country where they learn to handle themselves and they grow up sound and sensible. We raise commercial cattle on both ranches, so over the years we have developed a line of horses that can withstand the pressure of everyday use working cattle in rough terrain.
We continue to concentrate our program around the close-up breeding of proven versatile performance lines. Our main bloodlines consist of Zan Parr Bar, Driftwood, Freckles Playboy and Playgun. We are adding to our program sons of Docs Hickory and Dash Ta Fame. Additionally, our mares go back to these time-tested lines: Leo, Sugar Bars, Peppy San, Blondy's Dude, Wilywood, Blue Light Ike, Lucky Blanton, Frostys Tops, Two Eyed Jack, Poco Bueno Image, Tyrees Watch and Smart Peppy Doc. We have learned that by infusing a little running blood with the proven foundation and cow horse lines makes for a truly versatile using horse that will excel on the ranch and in the arena.
Raising performance horses that excel on the ranch and in the arena
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Lanell & Kelly are AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders!
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