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Ashley Quarter Horses

Welcome to Ashley Quarter Horses, located in the heart of Montana, a family-driven legacy of nearly fifty years raising exceptional American Quarter Horses. While Ashley Quarter Horses has been raising exceptional Quarter Horses since 1976, our family’s history, including Red Canyon Ranch, is seeded many years prior to the purchase of our first AQHA registered mare. 

Our history is deeply rooted in our love for ranching and a genuine passion for Quarter Horses that 5 generations continue to seamlessly integrate into the core of our daily lives on the ranch


A family-run operation, Ashley Quarter Horses is rooted in the rugged landscapes of Red Canyon Ranch near Forsyth, Montana, and central Montana south of Belt, Montana. Guiding these operations are two brothers, Lynn and Lanell Ashley. 


Lynn leads Red Canyon Ranch in Forsyth as well as the breeding program and remuda, while Lanell pilots the Belt Ranch. Their late mother and matriarch of the ranch, Louise Horn, had a watchful eye on the daily operations in Forsyth and rode up until her passing in 2019. Additionally, Lance Ashley and his wife play an essential role in managing Red Canyon Ranch tending to the cattle, overseeing harvests and ensuring the ranch's smooth operation.


For us, every day is an opportunity to breed, raise and train ranch horses that we ourselves love to ride and work alongside. This daily connection with our horses along with a generational broodmare band has allowed us to shape the perfect ranch horse, one that excels not only on the ranch but also in the arena. Versatility is not just a desirable quality; it's our relentless pursuit.

In our program, we aspire to develop a string of horses that can do it all, all day, every day, inside or outside of the arena. This is our commitment, and we take it seriously. 

Our dedication to this mission is embodied by the iconic LA Bar brand carefully placed on the right hip of every horse we produce. It's a symbol that resonates with our customers, signifying quality, versatility and the genuine spirit of Ashley Quarter Horses.

Horses are indispensable partners in the demanding world of ranching. Our remudas predominantly consists of stallions and geldings, where they are used to prowl pasture, cover challenging terrain, drag calves to the fire, effortlessly sort and endure long hours in large pastures while accommodating riders of all ages and skill levels. 

Our primary focus has always been to produce horses with a trainable mind, structural soundness, natural cow sense while also maintaining the agility and speed required to tackle any task. Each colt is born and raised in large pastures, allowing them to become sure-footed and self-assured from a young age.


Our journey began in 1975 when Louise and her four young children, Lance, Lynn, Lesli and Lanell, purchased their first registered Quarter Horse mare in Rifle, Colorado. Bred to a son of The Old Man, the family later moved to Montana and welcomed the first official Ashley Quarter Horse in the spring of 1976. 

Unable to have a horse for each individual discipline we as kids were interested in, we worked to make our dream of creating a willing and versatile horse, one that could gracefully tackle ranch work during the day, turn heads in rodeos in the evening and conduct itself admirably in 4-H and local shows come true with each cross and the development of our breeding program.


Several decades have passed, and that dream remains the cornerstone of our breeding program. With each new breeding, we strive to produce the same kind of horse that has been at the heart of our family for generations. We stand resolutely behind the quality and usability of each of our horses, knowing that they meet the expectations of our customers, many of whom continue to return to us year after year.


We take pride in our broodmare band that is generational and can be traced back to our blue hen mare, Freckle Bar Miss, purchased in 1975. Having a generational broodmare band allows us the opportunity to fit colts with the right individuals. Knowing their produce record dating back five generations guides our breeding decisions and lets us continually improve with each crop.


Thank you for viewing Ashley Quarter Horses. Our passion for Quarter Horses, ranching and versatility runs deep, and we are excited to share the results of our family’s dedication with you. 


We extend a warm invitation for you to explore our horses, our program, and even pay a visit to our ranches, where we take great pride in showcasing the product of decades of hard work. Come experience our program firsthand; we'd love to show you around Red Canyon Ranch or the Ranch at Belt and introduce you to our remarkable family and horses.

Pictured Above:

The late Louise Horn and husband Ron Horn in Forsyth, MT

Lynn Ashley, with wife Carol, son Matt with wife Kirstin and granddaughter Ellie Lynn and daughter Melissa. Lance Ashley, with wife Donna, daughter Amy with husband Carson and grandchildren Henry, Wylie & Quincey and son Christopher (not pictured, son Kyle) in Forsyth, MT

Lanell Ashley, with wife Kelly, daughter Amanda, granddaughter Hailey and daughter Shaylin with husband Jonathan and grandson Yukon in Belt, MT

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