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Ashley Quarter Horses

Ashley Quarter Horses is a family operation that has been raising versatile performance and ranch horses for over 40 years. Ashley Quarter Horses is located both in Southeastern Montana, near Forsyth, and in Central Montana, south of Belt. Brothers Lynn & Lanell Ashley operate Ashley Quarter Horses in Forsyth and Belt Montana, respectively, with their families and mother, Louise Horn in Forsyth overseeing daily operations. Their brother, Lance Ashley, and his wife live and work on the ranch in Forsyth managing the cattle and harvesting. Lynn & Lanell enjoy studying pedigrees and finding new genetics to develop the next successful cross. Today, three generations of Ashleys work to produce the type of versatile using horse that we ourselves enjoy riding everyday.


Both locations raise commercial cow-calf pairs. Horses are a staple in completing ranch work, where predominantly stallions and geldings are used for calving, branding, sorting, doctoring and everything in between. Our main emphasis has always been producing a type of horse that has a quiet disposition, trainable mind, structural soundness, cow sense and enough quickness and speed to get any job done. Each of the colts are born and raised in big pastures where they learn how to handle themselves in rough country from a young age. 

The LA Bar branded on the right thigh represents a family who all share an undeniable passion for the grace and beauty of a horse. Louise and young children Lance, Lynn, Lesli & Lanell purchased their first registered Quarter Horse mare in 1975 in Rifle, Colorado before moving to Montana and producing the first Ashley Quarter Horse in the spring of 1976. The luxury of having a horse for each individual discipline all the kids were interested in was unfathomable. A willing and versatile horse that could do ranch work during the day, rodeo in the evening and behave for the 4-H and open shows was exactly what was needed.


Decades later, this is the type of horse that our program still strives to produce with each breeding. We stand behind the quality and usability of each of our horses. It is satisfying to know that the line of horses we have produced throughout the years are meeting the demands of our customers as a large portion of our horses are sold to repeat customers.

Pictured Above:

The late Louise Horn and husband Ron Horn in Forsyth, MT

Lynn Ashley, with wife Carol, son Matt with wife Kirstin and grandaughter Ellie Lynn and daughter Melissa. Lance Ashley, with wife Donna, daughter Amy with husband Carson and grandchildren Henry, Wylie & Quincey and son Christopher. (Not pictured son Kyle) in Forsyth, MT

Lanell Ashley, with wife Kelly, daughter Amanda, grandaughter Hailey and daughter Shaylin with husband Jonathan and grandson Yukon in Belt, MT

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